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Does one form of fitness work better than another? Do you mix up your workout routines in the gym?

Here’s how to get better results with the cardio that you choose when trying to improve fitness or achieve fat loss.

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Getting all the sleep you need? A new study published at the Sleep Journal confirms that a lack of sleep has a direct impact on gaining weight.

Here’s a look at the results that might encourage you to get to bed at a decent hour and take advantage of a good night’s sleep.

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body fat measurement

Want to show those abs off this year?

While most people jump on the first diet they read about, you can be more scientific in your approach and calculate the exact amount of fat you need to lose.

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good food

Wanting to enjoy the occasional food feast but worried about undoing all the hard work you’ve put into your diet?

Here’s how to enjoy a night out of eating all you want and use it to your advantage while dieting to lose weight.

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