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Petzval photo of man with blurred background

Bokeh photography has never looked this good.

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Narrative Clip

Take 30-second photos of your favorite events with a wearable-tech device.

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Here’s how to live the dream – homemade healthy ice-cream.

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man using Lensbaby on iPhone

Here’s how to get the classic Lensbaby camera lens look on your iPhone with a new magnetic lens.

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FreeStreet LED light

Here’s how to do away with light poles on your street and implement a new system of night light that is far superior and saves energy.

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peeled potatoes

Here’s how to peel a potato in the fastest way possible and reduce time from minutes to mere seconds.

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AIG building fire

Here’s how save a man from a burning building – just in the nick of time.

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Olla desk

Here’s how to buy a set of furniture that your children can put together and take apart like a giant set of Legos.

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Kevin Bacon dancing on The Tonight Show

Here’s how to celebrate the original Footloose movie by recreating a dance scene that will forever be part of American movie culture.

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